As a human resources professional and former junior high teacher, Tremblay has worked with thousands of individuals in transition. Through her work, she has recognized the power focusing on gratitude has for people that are dealing with stressful situations, conflict and challenges. Using her cards as a fundraising platform, Dana has worked on projects with the E-Women Foundation, World Youth Day, the NCTC Battye Family Inspired Living Resort and others. Currently, Dana is working as a catalyst to create a widespread gratitude movement, inspiring others to begin practicing gratitude to elevate the quality of their lives.

Speaking Topics

  • 100 Decks in 100 Days: Pay It Forward
  • Gratitude: Move Forward & Change Your Life
  • Shifting Yourself:Using Gratitude to Stop Stress
  • Accidental Entrepreneur: Falling Into Self-Employment
  • The Creative Process: The Story of Creating & Producing Gratitude Cards