Blessings of Mom

This morning I awoke to the clang of pots as my husband was busy creating a lovely Mother’s day breakfast for me. I thought back to my early days as a mother when the day started with peanut butter toast and orange juice, little bodies jumping on the bed and those magical arts and crafts gifts that were made with tissue paper, glue, crayons and love. Now, my mother moments are just as precious, even if somewhat different. I had a wonderful day watching my son who will soon graduate from high school, doing yard work with my husband. I was a touch wistful as my daughter is overseas with my mom as both my babies… and my mom… were not here to spend the day together. 

That got me thinking about the invisible chain that is family; and in particular, where I see my strengths echoed in those that come before me.

Thank you to all the wonderful mothers I have been blessed enough to be touched by: 

• To my great grandmother, who was strong enough to live in a farm house far away from her homeland and raise 6 kids on her own;

• To my other great grandmother, who gave my mom a quiet summer escape and an awareness of great love and life's preciousness;

 To my Dad's mom, someone I never really knew as a person, but rather as a world-champion dispenser of butterscotch ice-cream;

 To my Mom's mom, a lover of show-tunes, soap operas and the template for my feistiness;

 To my Aunt, the maker of Christmas crafts and holiday wonder... each dinner party I host is a gleeful nod to you;

 To my sister and sister-in laws, adding to our family's incredible web of love for our up and coming generation of delightful kids;

• To all my friends who are mothers who get it when I need a shoulder, a fairy costume or a glass of wine and a glue gun at two-o-clock in the morning;

 To my step-mom, for my little brothers and loving my dad;

 To my mother-in-law, for raising a loving, dedicated, gentle man;

 To my daughter, for the promise of future I see in you and your wisdom beyond your years - even if you say I dance funny;

 And finally to my mom, whose amazing unselfishness continually impresses and guides me. Being raised by someone who lives family first and ends every phone call with, "I love you" provides more support than we can ever fathom.

Feel the love from your history and the possibility of the legacy of mothers ahead of you. This is truly a day to live in blessings of mom.