My heart is full

I know as far as the rules go around how one is supposed to "blog" properly; well I am not doing such a good job at following those rules. I want what I say to have meaning and purpose behind it and come from a place where I feel the message needs to be shared and today, I have one of those messages. 

In November I shared with the community that I would be doing outreach and gifting decks to organizations that serve others and I am happy to say that I have been humbled by some of the teams that use our decks to not only support their clients; but their teams as well. Our decks are being used in hospices, for therapy with abused children, with mental health workers and numerous other community partners. THIS is why these decks were born, to support those in need of a soul hug and it is such an amazing thing to see them serve their purpose. 

It isn't just organizations that use our decks and sometimes I get the BEST emails that lift my heart. Here is one I would like to share with you all. 

 "A year ago my sister purchased this deck of cards for me while I was going through a rough period in my life. I continue to use them daily, as they are such a gentle reminder to take time to really relish the things that we often get too busy to notice. I love your cards and share many of the thoughts with others throughout my days.

Today two ladies I work with are both having difficult times and so I went buy them each a deck. The stores I thought might have your cards didn't have them which led me to your site. Please know that the third free deck that comes with my order will be kept for just that right person at the just the right time! Thanks for helping me make gratitude a part of my daily meditation!" Comena - Saskatchewan

This is the intention I had behind these decks; that they would help a person and then that person would start a gratitude wave and support others. That is the true blessing of gratitude, you can be a carrier and spread it everywhere. 

Comena, your comment made our week here and your new decks are sent with love and wishes of happiness and peace. 

Check us out on our shopping page. Our favourite is "buy 2 get one free". Spread the gratitude in your community and let's make this world a little brighter together. Live Grateful!!