Let there be more LOVE

I will be the first to admit that I struggle with depressing or sad news. I know that life can be tough however that without great lows, the highs are not nearly as delicious to savour. And trust me when I say that I openly, deliriously relish those fabulous moments of an entire universe aligning and I equally allow myself some moments in the wallow when needed. What really brings me to my feet, shouting YES.. is when I read or hear people demonstrating LOVE, performing random acts of kindness; both small and almost imperceivably and large and magnanimous and just bringing their light to the world.

It’s the light that begs to be let out that led to the creation of my gratitude card; somewhere buried deep was an idea that I could inspire others through their creation. And when the light was so bright I couldn’t ignore it anymore, out they came.

Throughout the nearly 5 years that they have been on the planet, our decks have helped comfort, inspire, motivate, delight and affirm to those that have used them in their practice. It has delighted me to hear stories from people as to how they chose to use our decks and I want to share a few stories with you here.

“A while ago my friend posted that a friend of his was giving away a hundred decks of Gratitude and Soulshine cards for the simple cost of shipping and handling. I signed up and got one of the give-aways. The cards were created by Dana Tremblay and they are amazing. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for years and I give thanks regularly for all of the blessings in my life and I meditate in gratitude as well, so I was interested in the cards, but not sure what I would get out of them.

However, when I got the cards, I realized they were AMAZING and I love them. The gratitude saying invite you to think and reflect on what you appreciate, what you are grateful for, and what you are thankful for, and how you will show gratitude throughout the day, for yourself, and for others. The deck also comes with a few blank cards so you can create your own.

The sayings are perfect to put you in a place of peace and serenity, they help you to reflect, and achieve inner peace. I use them just before journaling to get centered, I use them to help inspire me for blogging, and I use them for meditating and quieting my mind.

Dana’s website is wonderful and shows examples of the cards…they are truly worth having if you are interested in brings inner peace and serenity into your life. http://www.livegrateful.ca



I'm a life coach and my focus is on helping clients to better connect with themselves through journaling.  In addition to being a coach, I also am a journal artist and make the journals that I use with my clients and groups.

I truly believe that gratitude is the foundation for our lives.  It centers our thoughts and helps to guide us through life's transitions.  I am creating a gratitude box that includes a journal and gratitude related activities.  I thought it would be wonderful to include a deck of gratitude cards in the box as well.  I will use the box with groups that I facilitate but they will also be available for purchase on my website.  My primary audience is women ages 35 to 65 that are experiencing transition in their lives whether it be having their first child, changing jobs, pursuing their passions or becoming empty nesters.   By the way, I love your video.”

In addition to our decks supporting a gratitude practice and coaches around the world, people also find ways to use them at work.

“Thank YOU for creating your gratitude decks; they really are a fabulous reminder to live a grateful life. A year ago my sister purchased this deck of cards for me while I was going through a rough period in my life. I continue to use them daily, as they are such a gentle reminder to take time to really relish the things that we often get too busy to notice. I love your cards and share many of the thoughts with others throughout my days. Today two ladies I work with are both having difficult times and so I went buy them each a deck. The stores I thought might have your cards didn't have them which led me to your site. Please know that the third free deck that comes with my order will be kept for just that right person at the just the right time! Thanks for helping me make gratitude a part of my daily meditation!

“I work in a large, urban school district in Mardland and our administration is going through some major changes. Two of our senior leaders who have been with us for over 20 years each are both retiring this year. Our staff is of course both sad to be losing such great colleagues and leaders, but also equally as worried about what the future holds. Your decks are our way of brining cohesion, calm and most of all, a strong focus on gratitude to our team. Thank you for this gift of your soul.”

Director of Diversity

Baltimore, Maryland School District

Whatever your situation might be, it can be supported through a strong, heart centered gratitude practice. And we can help.

Now for the rest of the year, we have an amazing deal. For the first time ever, we are offering these decks at the lowest price ever! If you purchase over 10 decks, the cost is ONLY $9 a deck!

Buy them as gifts for co-workers, your yoga class, your teachers, preachers and friends. With every deck we sell for the rest of the year, we will also donate one deck to a local Women’s shelter to help support women fleeing domestic abuse.

Let’s prove that LOVE IS LOVE and spread some gratitude is a world that has recently lost a bit of its shine.