The world needs this more than anything right now

Watching the news has never been a top priority for me as I often feel as though there is so little reported that lifts my soul; and never has that been more true that in recent days. Some of the senseless acts of violence and inhumanity have apparently cast a shadow over me, rendering me a little lost and dazed. I keep thinking that my contribution cannot possibly start to move the needle towards goodness and universal love. 

So with that shadowed heart last week I headed west to the mountains for a few days of soulful contemplation and reflection. My goal really was to seek some clarity around mission; what and how can I be of service. During this time, I had an opportunity to do some energy work with a lovely dweller of the valley who turned on a very bright light bulb for me. In the course of our conversation, she used this expression a few times:

"The universe is ready and willing to accept your unique contributions and medicine." 

Now at the time it was only the flickering as with many great ideas, it needed some time to bake. It was only yesterday after returning home that this started to bounce around and around in my head - getting louder with each successive pass. My medicine, the most powerful and concrete offering I have, is sharing my gratitude cards as a tool of healing and hope with those that need it most.  Random people have been leaving me more messages on my Facebook page, clients are sending me little notes of appreciation, some are posting their card of the day highlighting how they are resonating.. ALL of this in a crazy ramped up frequency soup in the last week or so. It was a subtle whisper from the universe that I almost hummed right over and then, it settled loud and clear. My decks need to be DOING more, SERVING more, HEALING more for they are soul medicine and they are needed.  

And this is where you come into play my wonderful community. HELP me get my decks where they are more needed. I am putting my decks on sale for the next month in the hope that we get 500 out to the world - bringing MORE light. For the next month, a portion of the proceeds will be donated 2 o 5 X 5: Sponsoring Refugee Families - a local movement of support to provide winter clothing for those Syrian families that find their way here. 

Please share this post and help us spread our medicine. The decks can be used as Christmas gifts for clients, friends, support workers - any one whose soul is in need of a hug. Let's all find a way to use our individual medicine to heal together.