Dana Tremblay

Creator of the ever more popular Gratitude Cards, Dana Tremblay is a motivational speaker and coach of the ironically under-appreciated practice of gratitude. Her talks encompass creation, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, citizenship, stress relief, and self improvement. Her mission is to show the world how gratitude changes everything.



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Gratitude Cards

This deck of cards is a gentle reminder to pause during the day and give thanks for the blessings in your life. Used by over two-thousand people worldwide, the cards provide daily inspiration and advice to those seeking to live an elevated life. Order yours today from our website (shipping is free) and find out how gratitude can change your life.



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Our business is connecting with others. If you are interested in booking Dana as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, panelist, coach; or to use our Gratitude Cards for fundraising, instruction or promotion, let's talk. How have your Gratitude Cards made a positive impact on your life? We love to hear your stories.



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